Michelle Clarke Graham - Trading as Michelle G Make up Artist in the West Midlands.

Covering the UK and Overseas   



Team G actually started about 6 years ago! 

The basis for starting a team, was to be able to accomodate more clients on a daily basis, and to assist on larger bookings.

However, over time Team G has been re-developed into something quite special. ​

It means that larger bookings can be accomodated by us and also bookings Michelle G cannot do are passed over to Gabrielle

Also, being out and about means not always being available so the new admin team Stacey and Natalie are a hugely beneficial. 

To keep things simple we have called it Team G, re-developed from over 6 years ago,  is now  a new and improved version. 

Coming soon!

 " Hairdressers", section 

making their debut on Michelle G , thus enabling the  planning of hair and makeup for clients alot easier.

Newly recruited to the team are Natalie and Stacey, who are the admin side, and also major contributors to the Michelle G world of makeup in the VIP Secret Bride Group,  being avid, loyal and trustworthy supporters, their input is invaluable for new clients, brial, or any other.   They both have a heads up on how we work as both have been previous Bridal clients over 10 years ago ! So they know Michelle G incredibly  well and know the logistics of  the work involved .

Image by Amy Taylor Imagery Photography



Gabrielle being chief makeup artist, when it comes to bookings Michelle G cannont do, but also being the "wing women" when it comes to larger bookings and gets a massive 5 stars from us, for being reliable, incredible and just a down to earther lovely lady.  Ive known Gabrielle for 4 years, Gabrielle is not only a colleague but also a good friend too . 


Meet Natalie, a very efficient  member of the admin team, with lots of new ideas. 

Natailie is an avid supporter of Michelle G so much so that when Natalie got married she had Michelle for her wedding makeup, that was 10 years ago! 

Natalie is a very informative, reliable and just lovely member of Team G .


Meet Stacey, a business owner herself, and previous bridal client and colleague of Michelle G, Stacey also has been a vermant supporter of Michelle G, and like Natalie, had Michelle do her wedding makeup. Stacey brings valuable information, ideas and advice to the table and is another lovely memeber of the team