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The nature of the work we do as Professional, Full time , Freelance Self Employed artists means that we receive bookings 6 months if not  years in advance thus meaning losses from cancellations cannot be covered on a last minute basis even if we re advertise to sell  the space it is extremely  unlikely we will fill the same date, time and value. (hence why all of our bookings are booked well in advance and a small financial commitment from you ie the booking fee to hold the date is required , which is then deducted off your full balance.)  

However,  if we do not get to the practical work & it is cancelled by you  IE the trial /wedding day and we have completed the preparation stages (see below) There maybe a penalty in place to cover the financial loss we have incurred if it is a last minute cancellation.

The work that we do and as professional hair and makeup artists means that we must be prepared for our clients before the practical stage


This is not a blanket policy this covers the requirements of our business and is not a cut and paste from the internet.   

We have covered every genre and have been transparent and fair  with how we prepare and service our bookings


Preparation Guide 

Hair and makeup Bridal bookings 

  1. Discovery call

  2. Meet and greet 

  3. Booking form 

  4. Confirmation 

  5. Researching makeup/hair looks for client.

  6. Google appointment/treat-well appointment 

  7. 2nd Meet and Greet 

  8. VIP whatsapp group 

  9. Correspondence messages 

  10. Facebook group information 

  11. The trial 

  12. Client Declaration 

  13. Face chart.

  14. Bridesmaid and Mother of Bride researching and inspiration given  

  15. Order of the day 

  16. Time allocation for the day 



Preparation Guide

Hair and makeup for Special preparation./Lessons 


  1. Discovery call 

  2. Meet and greet 

  3. Booking form 

  4. Confirmation 

  5. Client Declaration

  6. Face chart 

  7. General Correspondence via whatsapp messaging 



The cancellation charges 


We have set aside a 'set' date and time to provide the service and it is extremely unlikely the same date, time and value can be covered from a cancellation on a last minute basis 

Please note the booking fee doesn't cover the loss of business this ensures the date is held for you so we have the commitment from you that the booking will go ahead if you then cancel or decide to cancel  the booking completely and there isn't enough time to cover the loss then quoted and confirmed amount will be payable. 

Payment for bookings full amount at the trial or appointment (special occasion makeup/hair) as 95% of work has been carried out up to and including the trial/appointment  see preparation  guide above

Payment for special occasion is payable the day before or on day of booking as preparation has still been carried out beforehand see preparation guide for non bridal, special occasion makeup/hair & lessons  


The charges and cancellation


Please note : when Conformed bookings cancel whether this is bridal/special occasion/lesson/hair appointments 

Cancellations for ANY reason such as Change of mind , another artist is doing your Hair & Makeup , Cancellation of the event you are attending,  ANY Health Reasons,  COVID , Pandemic or Epidemic Family Emergency, Child illness, Partner Illness, Natural disaster,Severe Red /Amber weather warning or Death we are not able to cover this financial loss due to the reasons above especially on the last minute basis. 


Cancellation Guide 

for  Bridal bookings-  Hair & Makeup 

  1. Cancellation 1 year in advance - Nil to pay 

  2. Cancellation 6 months in advance - Nil to pay 

   3. Cancellation the 1-3 months before  - 50% To pay of full balance.

   4. Cancellation the month of the Trial/Wedding day - Full balance to pay

   5. Cancellation the week before or 1-3 days before - Full balance to pay. 

   6. Cancellation of  - Bridal party members Bridesmaids/Mother of Bride

       1-2 months or month of the trial /wedding day - Full balance to pay* 

      *Please note this is due to the fact we have already allocated the time out for that day


Cancellation Guide 

for Special occasion/lesson booking & /hair appointments- Hair and Makeup 


  1. Cancellations 1 year advance - Nil to pay 

  2. Cancellations 6 months in advance - Nil to pay 

  3. Cancellations 1 -3 month in advance - Nil to pay

  4. Cancellations 1 & 2 weeks before - Full balance payable 

  5. Cancellation the 1-3 days before - Full balance payable


Corresponding with Cancellations 


  1. We ask that the person who booked the appointment whether Bridal or other MUST be the person we correspond with AT ALL TIMES** 

  2. Payment details will be given directly to the person who booked and will be visible on your Confirmation where it confirms the amount payable  


Payment Methods

We Accept bank transfer / cash or collect in person from from your home address  (no cheques) 

Zero Tolerance. **

As potentially vulnerable female artists who work independently we will not accept any aggression and should we receive any threats of violence , harassment or  abusive behaviour we will seek civil recovery and inform the Police. 

We have a zero tolerance to abuse and will not engage in phone calls/emails/Whats App from  ANY  3rd party people this includes friends , family, partners, neighbours, colleagues, social worker, carer

Appropriate adult / Chaperone/ Carer 

If an appropriate/chaperone/Carer  has been allocated to the booking THIS MUST be informed at time of booking with their full contact details given then we will discuss the booking with said individual. 

Loss Of business 


Financial loss is solely down to Cancellations from customers.and from the work that has already been carried out see preparation guide above. Even re advertising to re sell the date  does not mean that a firm booking will replace the  lost  set date,  for same date, time and value it means we have a direct loss of business because of the direct result of the cancellation. 

To cover losses this is why the charges may apply 



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