1)When is the best time to have my make-up trial 

It's always best to have the trial a month or two beforehand.

2)Can my bridesmaids and mum have the trial?
Normally I would suggest you all have the trial together, where possible and in the daytime in natural daylight.


2a)Does everyone who is having their make-up done on the day, have to have a trial ?.

I would recommend that everyone has a trial as this will ensure there are no adverse reactions to the products used, and means that the makeup goes to plan on the day.  However, recently we have accommodated makeup on the day only, which needs to be pre-agreed with the Bride and Bridal party. 

3)My friend has said they are willing to do my make-up as a present to me for my wedding day, is it a good idea, will it save me money? 

I've had a Brides, who booked a trial, but her friend offered to do it for her as a wedding present, on the morning
of the wedding day, I received a call from a distraught bride who asked me if I could rush over to the hotel to rectify the make up her friend had done.   A friend or someone who has offered and does not do it for a profession has had no formal training,  will not know what suits, what makeup has lasting effects, contra-indications, and also this is a lot of responsibility for your friend on your wedding day and potentially jeopardise your friendship.  If you wish to go with your friend I have no objections but please aware that the above story illustrates what can happen, as I may not always be available like I was in this instance. Remember your photos are there as a reminder of your special day, so your make up needs to be perfect! 


4) Will my details be sent to anyone else?

Your details are kept highly confidential and will NEVER be passed onto a 3rd party

5)Will I receive other offers or services from you? 

YES Michelle G offers, Make-Up Workshop, make-up lessons, Personal shopping make-up experience and Boudoir Studio portraits

6)Do you travel to my home?

Yes or a chosen place where you would like to do your trial  

7)Do you travel to the venue on the day?

Yes, we travel to your chosen place, where you will be getting ready. 

8)Are there any travelling costs? 

Any travelling costs will be discussed with you at time of booking, normally a travel charge will apply over 50 miles 

9)What are the benefits of the Packages?
This is a payment option designed to save YOU money, and the worry of finding cash on your wedding day (which is the last thing you want to think about) 
Payment is taken at your trial via cash or advance bank transfer and includes, trial, on day and travel costs (if applicable) 

10)How do I know you will be there on the day?
Michelle G prides themselves in a first class service, ensuring one of the best reputations in the business, not turning up is not an option.  Furthermore, a full "Itinerary" of your morning will be sent via email prior to the wedding day.   

11)Do I need to pay a deposit?

As with any of our services a deposit of £50 is required.  All day service requires a £100 Deposit. 

12)How do we pay you?

Cash is preferable at trial please bank transfer is accepted, strictly completed at the trial and proof required. 

13)What makeup products do you use?  

High-end brands, such as Estee Lauder, Illamasqua, Delilah, Charlotte Tilbury, Becca, Ysl, Chanel, Bobby Brown, Bare Minerals, Mac, Ingot, NYX, Loreal, Revlon, Boujois, Kat Von Dee, Two Faced, Benefit, the range is extensive,  we use makeup products to suit all skin types and all ages, I use brands, and most high-end importantly brands that work! 


14)Do you do False eyelashes

 £10 per person at trial and  £10 per person on the day, we do also charge £5 for any other guest requiring application on the day. .


15) If someone decides they don't want their makeup done on the day or trial? 


This happens, we understand, and most importantly if you decided not to have makeup done on the day or trial please be aware that timings will be allocated for each person, so it is important to find out who is having makeup etc

This is also non-refundable. 




We do travel overseas and can offer competitive, comprehensive packages, we also hold a full UK Passport in date. 

We would also advise to have a trial in the UK beforehand and also give full advise and use products to cope with the heat 

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