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Emma Faye Model Product Shoot Giodanni Lipstick


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Brand NEW to Michelle G is the VIP Beauty store, in these un-presidented times there has had to be a few changes,  having previously sent clients into Debenhams for their lipsticks and any other cosmetics, Michelle was forced to change tactics after the very sad news of household favourites Debenhams disappearing from the high street  Michelle has come up with new and easier way for clients to purchase their makeup if they required, some of which is used in Michelle's professional kit and comes with the same quality &  luxury  as all the high end well known brands

Makeup on the Model

by Michelle G 


Over the years Michelle has tried and tested many products using products for their ingredients but also using products that last. 

Having this beautiful brand as part of the pro kit means Michelle can offer even more to her clients, but it is an optional thing and if you prefer Michelle to use other brands then that is totally your choice.

Its enevitable that Lipstick is the only makeup that wears down throughout the day, due to eating & drinking, smoking, kissing! 

So these tried and tested Lipsticks by Michelle & her previous clients are your go to with some of these lipsticks being smudge proof, non-transferrable and kiss proof. 

Take a look through the store there isnt just lipsticks there are alot more products on sale too !. 


A kit staple of Michelle's  is this beautifully packaged Giordani Gold lipstick in various shades

Hydrating silky smooth wear

No fade, feathering or smearing

SPF15 beautifully packaged and reasonably priced. 

*Consumer tested. 

Giordani Gold Lipstick


The Bridal Kit is for topping up throughout. the day , even though the makeup stays put its a uper way to keep .that makeup looking camera ready all day long. 

Bridal Top Up Kit 

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