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Top Tips for a successful Trial day.

It is a good idea to leave 3-5 hours (depending on the size of booking)aside on the day of your trial, we want you to have the best possible experience, so keeping the day free from any other appointments is a good idea.

Having a trial in daylight hours is perfect, this will help us to perfect your desired look, and also it enables you to see what your makeup will look like on the big day.

A clean no makeup face is best so that we can see your natural skin without makeup, and also it will save time taking your makeup off.  

This is very important, any changes, however, insignificant you may feel they are, you must tell us at the trial, changes can be made, and your mind will be put at ease knowing we have perfected your look.

Honesty is the best policy, we do not mind, we do this for a living, so please do not be shy.

With regard to children we prefer where possible that children are not at the trial, as we want to provide the best possible experience,  mums and relatives can get very stressed if little ones are at the appointment.

Please note: Extensive kit available to suit all skin types and ages


We stipulate at all of our Trials that numbers are kept to a minimum of Bride plus 1 please we cannot accommodate large bookings on our premises

*Sorry no Children, Grooms or Pets 

We also operate a no smoking policy. 


  1. Wear a light coloured top ​

  2. Have your sunbed or spray tan 2 days before. 

  3. Any eyebrow treatments or individual lashes get those done 2 days before. 

  4. If you would like to try strip lashes please let us know beforehand

  5. You can pay by cash or bank transfer at the trial. 

  6. No straightening hair or lots of products. 

  7. Wash hair the day before 

  8. Hair accessories please bring with you 


Hair Styling


Michelle and / or  the team will have gone through all the timings with you at your trial.  The setting up time or moving from one venue to another (if applicable)  which does happen due to time restrictions at the venue 

You can ask for a schedule on the day for instance who you would like in the chair first etc. that way you have a plan of your day.  Dont worry not everyone wants to have a list of who is in the chair first thats fine too. 

Your Breakfast needs to be inlcuded in the timings and that one person is in the seat at all times


Generally with most if not all bookings the Bridesmaids do not have a trial so it is vitally important you have a discussion with them about their makeup & hair* *if you have booked the hair & makeup package. 

Michelle will also discuss and agree with you about the Bridesmaids makeup as agreeing a look for them on the wedding day can save time and also they are reassured of the makeup & hair look they will be having, do have a good thorougher discussion with your Bridesmaids prior to the trial about their makeup but do remember its your day and letting them have what they want is generally not a good idea, the Bridesmaids are there to compliment you and your style and they will also be on your pictures forever!  Its vitally important that the agreement for makeup for your Bridesmaids is done at the trial with the team as you dont want any Bridesmaids disappearing into the bathroom to mess with the makeup  or hair look that you agreed to, as this could result in more time being lost on the day and extra charges. 

 Its also important to let the team know if any of the bridal party have any allergies or skin disorders and if they require strip lashes. 

All the finances are dealt with at the trial so its ideal to find out beforehand who requires the lashes on the day. 

There is a full 

**"Bridesmaids Guide"for all Bridesmaids duties and Bridal prep. information

** this for only for Brides who have booked in.  

Image by Jazmin Quaynor
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