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Patience is a virtue

When perfecting a makeup look on a client its not just about the makeup, its about the time it takes to do it too .

You see when you see a makeup look whether its a natural, glamorous Bridal look, you do have to take into consideration the amount of time it takes to do the makeup in the first place.

When you think the majority of us take between 11 and 35 minutes to get ready completely, think about how long it actually takes you to do your makeup


On average a makeup trial depending on how many at the trial and the look can take anything from a couple of hours to over 4 hours.

But dont worry, with us we give you an appointment slot so you know exactly the time frame involved for your trial .

Also its not just about putting the makeup on, its about getting to know you, taking a personal interest in you and your wedding,

Its also about talking products and plans for the wedding day, we have an immense range of products for every client, but we cant carry everything.

If there is a specific brand you like and we dont have it, we can get it. We want you to feel special on your big day.

The trial will always take longer than that of the wedding day makeup, solely because we are designing together your makeup look, we are strengthening colours, or taking them away,we are looking and advising on skincare and foundations and on what best to use for your skin and what will suit your skin type, we also send you a little list of waterproof mascaras incase you want to add to your makeup bag on the day, as you may have a tear or two

its ideal to have your makeup trial in daylight as that when you are getting married and you can see how fresh and gorgeous your makeup looks, also how long it lasts after your trial.

We like to take our time, we make time for you, as there is then plenty of time to ask questions , change or adapt your makeup, any skin sensitivity can be dealt with at the trial, patch tests are done, to see what suits and what doesn't.

I've literally lost count of when i get asked how long for the trial, i never mind being asked as you've never had a makeup trial before, if you have it may have been different, but im not a 9 hour trial girl neither are you, so having an appointments slot is so beneficial as everyone can come when they want or if its just a one to one, no one feels they are rushed.

The last bit of the trial is sorting the timings out, yes the timings for the wedding day, you dont want us rocking up at the wrong time, or starting late its just a disaster. Furthermore, if everyone has a time, then there is less panic.

We send out our wedding day itinerary's specially for the Bride so she can look at it, and know what the timings are... it helps us as much as you.

So fast foward to the wedding day....


So you've got up on this exciting day, ready for a new chapter in your life, you have your breaky, and all you have to do is wait, sit and be pampered.

Wedding makeup on the day always goes better than the trial, its a forgone conclusion, we know your face, we also know what time you are in the chair...sometimes and only sometimes do we get an itinerary from the bride who has it down to the last minute who has to be in what chair and when.

In Fact by being organised things run much more smoothly ...

The makeup on the wedding day isn't your general run of the mill makeup, even if you wear very little or alot of makeup, we know how to keep your makeup intact, how it will survive the dance floor moves and how it will survive the hugging, the kissing , oh and the tears...

Little tips on waterproof products are a must - and the handkerchief is a must for all the bridal party.

Our tip for the tears is well loved

So in essence i guess what im saying is that makeup doesn't take 5 minutes especially a wedding makeup,

You want your makeup to last the whole day so spending 5 minutes on your makeup it literally wont last the duration.

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