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The Team actually started about 7 years ago! 

The basis for starting a team, was to be able to accommodate more clients on a daily basis, and to assist on larger bookings.

However, over time the team has been re-developed into something quite special. ​

It means that larger bookings and tight timings on the wedding day  can still be accommodated by the team 

To keep things simple we have called it Michelle G Hair and Makeup Artists


The New version now includes bridal hairstylists.

Rachel, Katie & Amelia

Has Michelle given you an artist to look at ?

Just click on the box and it will take you to their full bio and gallery of their work. 

The Badges  you see on each members profile are to signify the quality and standard of their work which in turn they are rewarded with the Seal of Approval 


So what can i say about this lovely lot, firstly I was struck with how professional they all are from initial meet and greet, right through to the wedding day I cannot fault 

The hair and makeup was beautiful and just wish i had them in my house everyday so I can look like i did on my wedding day, they really are amazing .  I recommend them to anyone who even utters the word wedding.  Thank you ladies you really are amazing 


Bridal_Barn_High_resolution_amytiphoto (610)_edited_edited_edited.png

Michelle G is the co-founder of Team G - 

Michelle will co ordinate the bookings choosing the right artist(s)  for you for your big day 

Born some 7 years ago and re-branded 2 years ago Michelle is proud to now be able to offer Hair as well as Makeup as part of the packages for Brides and non Bridal clients. 

Michelle & Gaby carefully select the Team with right credentials and who have what it takes to be on a thriving team of artists ensuring the synergy is right amongst team members too.

All the team are independently self employed but this co-operative allows more Brides to access the services  provided  and also Michelle & The Team are able to accommodate larger bookings.


Michelle's Moto

"Sieze the day,  everyday"



Gabrielle is the co-founder of G Artists and has immense valuable input she is here to support other team members as well as being Michelle Gs 'wing woman'.and assistant on larger bookings. 

Gabrielle is the chief makeup artist and also helps run G Artists with regards to bookings and holiday cover, as Michelle & Gabrielle do not want any Brides or clients  to miss out on the wonderful service they provide.  

Gabrielle gets a massive 5 stars  for being reliable, incredible, down to earth and just a  lovely human being 

Michelle has known Gabs for 7 years and still today they have a tremendous working relationship which shines through to their clients. 

Gabrielle is not only a colleague but also a good friend too.

Gabrielle's Moto

"Do it for the plot"

Amelia .jpg


Amelia is a well established hair stylist having worked in the industry for 11 years with Salon experience

Michelle is thrilled to have Amelia on the Team and is just a joy and a pleasure to have around.  Amelia has a calming presence about her and is always is efficient , reliable and professional. 

Amelia's moto is "Because you smile you make life more beautiful"


Meet Rachel , a full time professional hairstylist with a real flair for Bridal hair having been in the industry for 20 years her professionalism and realiability are second to none.  a vermant supporter of Michelle G & The Team   

Michelle is excited to have Rachel on board

Rachel brings valuable information, ideas and advice to the table she is another lovely member of the team and is a complete joy to have around. 

Rachel's moto

"Smile and be happy"



Katie is a full time professional hairstylist & has been for over 10 years with a wealth of knowledge as a Wedding Hairstylist.  Katie has a down to earth approach to her work and  chilled out vibe with our Brides & Clients, 

Katie works with all the team on bookings 

Katie's moto is "If life gives you lemons make lemonade "

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