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  • Michelle G Makeup artist.

THIS is something that will shock you

Today's blog is a question i get asked a huge amount of times.

So thought I would spill the beans...

My job as an "Artist" is to create a look which suits YOUR brief, and also last the length of time you want them too, also remember the brands i used are not stamped on your face either !

One of the key factors is understanding skin types, allergies, skin issues, and general skin concerns is being knowledgeable about skin and how it behaves.

This does have an impact on the makeup's final look and also the skin type itself.


I honestly wish i had a 1 Pound every time someone asked me this, I am also amazed that people rarely ask what skincare products I use.


Skincare has been used for centuries, and has been produced by some of the top laboratories.

I like to include skincare advise , its part of the package so why not include it. The Skincare goes along way to getting the right results , and also makes you aware of what your skin is like and how it behaves with certain products.

Ultimately clients occasionally ask me to use their own skincare, which gives me the chance to see what it is like if i haven't used it before. Bonus!

So you know when you ask me what products do i use?


* why are they not asking me about the base and skincare

* Are they really looking for someone with an artistic flare for makeup

* Are they looking for someone who can perfect the look with or without the on trend brands

* Are they capable of perfecting the look i want

Of course i know everyone is not up to speed with products and what to use whether you are a novice or expert. This is possibly a generalisation but most of us stick to what we know and what we know works or maybe you swap and change depending on store offers.

Exactly the same applies to me too, i use products that work, I know achieve optimum results and last

The brand names come second.!


So sticking with what i know works, works the same way with me too.

Tried , tested and well known, is a good place to start

Whether i have high end products , drug store brands, or pro brands, for me they all need to work, and why keep them in the kit if they dont?

An artist , is a creative person, who can achieve the results with talent first then products !

As a full time artist, a lot of research goes into the products i use. I look at what products i need not what products i think should be in the kit, i look at products with rave reviews, my tried, tested and some old school faves, and most of all i listen to what my clients say about the products i use.

So i hope you have found this helpful.

Watch this space for products i love.

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